Come explore an entirely new map with pinches of nostalgia, explore new dangerous areas and dungeon or sit at Britain Bank in an entirely new environment! The world is currently formed by 2 continents which offer completely different playstyles.
The northern continent is regular and the southern continent is mountless and much more dangerous!


A diversified bestiary

To tame or to slay, Evermore offers a gigantic bestiary. From weak mongbats to giant Hydras, you each encounter will be a new challenge. It is also time to switch the boring dragon to new tamables with unique abilities!


In-Game Wiki


Evermore offers an in-game wiki that will teach you everything you need to know about our custom features! It is also constantly updated!


To make the PVM more interesting. Players have access to talismans with powerful effects. They will either let the player summon unique creatures or will inflict a devastating on-hit effect to combatant.


Community Events


      The community events are there to regroup the playerbase as one.
Could be from defeating one of the organized champion spawns or to gather resources to unlock new hues and rares from the monsters loot table.

Never Pay to win!

The special merchants will only provide you with custom clothing, rare hues, ethereal steeds.. Nothing will give you an edge over other players but it will surely help the server.

Abysmal Guardian


Upon collecting every champion skulls, you will be able to open a portal to the guardians lair. 

Content for everyone!


Even crafters will have their own content. On top of being able to do Bulk Order Deeds and providing resources to the Community Goal stone, players will be able to train their own mining companion!

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Group Expeditions

A Group Expedition portal may appears upon killing monsters. Only 5 players can enter a portal at once but another portal could lead to the same expedition which means you may encounter another team! Killing the guardians of a group expedition will spawn the Expedition Boss, which will drop exclusive treasures!


Solo Expeditions

Solo Expeditions can be started if a expedition map is acquired. You may start a solo expedition by saying [Expedition or by visiting the Expedition master. They are PVP-Free and mostly there to offer peaceful PVM. Solo Expeditions are much less rewarding than group expeditions.



Everything you do has a purpose! Killing monsters, doing quests and completing achievements will reward you with points! Those points can be spent to buy Artifacts, cosmetic items, decorations, etc. The type of points you will earn will depend on your action and where you did your acts. Killing monsters in the Glacia region will let you buy goods from the merchant associated to the Glacia region. Each merchant is selling exclusive items. You may see how many points you have by saying [Points or clicking yourself once and selecting the right option.


Wanna do something different?

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Bored of killing monsters, making too much gold, killing sheeps? Come play some chess, prove your skills against other players in the dueling area or spend your fortune on poker! Variety is not something Evermore is missing.


Boring Treasure Maps are no more!

We are aware that Treasure Hunting is very popular but we thought that static locations made them boring. We decided to bring in Orbs. Orbs are constantly moving on the map and are required special runes to be broken. Broken Orbs will summon many monsters depending on its kind and if you are unlucky.. A Guardian!

Collectible Rares

Good news for rare collectors! There are hundreds of items, hues and artifacts to be collected! 

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Extensive PVM Gameplay

PVM obviously plays a huge role in Ultima Online so we made sure that PVM features would be ample. 
From bosses, champion spawns,  Guardians, point Systems, collectible rares and more! We also added
monster hunting jobs, which consist in searching for certain rares that NPCs are looking for in return for 
exclusive items! We also completely revamped the Dungeon Chest system to make them more dynamic, 
they now constantly change locations in the dungeons, are harder to find, guarded by monsters and much more rewarding!