Ultima Online : Evermore



A whole new custom map to explore
The new map was created to support a medium sized playerbase, this way, you will never feel alone! Every area on the map has a purpose! You will be able to venture into a new world, lurk into 15 new dungeons and explore secrets areas!


You will always have something to do, on top of quests and monster hunter contracts, you will be able to passively do achievements to obtain rewards!

The new World comes with a compendium of around 100 new monsters, tamable creatures , new Champion Spawns and Bosses!

Rare collections

Over 300 collectable Rares and Hues, obtainable while doing Quests, killing monsters, killing faction enemies etc..

Dynamic Events
There is always something to do on Evermore, our hourly dynamic event system will entertain you with Champion spawns, CTF events, Invasions and PVP events such as Dungeon Domination !


Necromancy & Tinkering
were heavily customized. Necromancers may now summons underworld beasts and revive monsters! (PVM). Engineers can now craft new Traps and Golems!

are instanced PVM missions which can be accessed through the Expedition Master NPC in cities. These expeditions are relatively short but will allow you to have some relaxing PVM without being bothered by others!


​Guild Strongholds & Islands

​Guilds (Or very rich players) will be able to own their own Island! Each island is unique, one could have a valorite mine, a special tamable spawn, a duel arena, a moongate.. ETC.

Poker, Bomberman & Chess!




Sea Fortress
Use your Pirating Skills to be glorious at the Sea Fortress Event! This is a mix of land/boat PVP event.

Dungeon Dominations
PVM/PVP features, Combine your monster hunting skills to your PVP skills to fight other players while capturing points in dungeons!


​Lawless & Faction Dungeons
2 new dungeons (On top of the other new ones) were added with specific ruleset. One can only be entered by faction players and the other is Lawless (Everyone is freely attackable). They are more dangerous but much more rewarding!

Champion Flag
The Champion Flag PVP event is a custom CTF system that can be done anytime during the day. 

Evermore has the infamous ''I wish to duel'' dueling system.

Arcanic Archery
Archery was given some love, on top of the Artifacts, archery weapons were given customized & rare ammunitions. Arcanic Archery will let you use fire arrows, poison arrows, freezing arrows which will put back Archers in the PVP world in a balanced way.

Paladins and Murderers.

Players renowned for heroism will be able to join the Paladin guild.  Paladins are going be red players nemesis. If a murderer dies to a Paladin player, he will be inflicted with a long term temporary Skill & Stat loss.


Hellgates is a pvp system that allows 2 teams of 3 players to fight each others in a dungeon environment.  players are essentially competing over a dungeon and may use the mobs and bosses to their advantage to win the fight against the other team.


Trade Routes
Need money? Resigned to work for shady shopkeepers? You will be able to deliver crates from one Black Market to another for some money but be careful, you will be flagged criminal and freely attackable, anyone will be able to complete your route if you lose the crate!

.. And much more!