July 18th

The world just got more massive! Bilgewater was added (Which include a NPC outpost, 3 dangerous islands and 1 new dungeon!). Some areas such as Deadstall Isle & Sombral were also reworked. A new island was added to the Southern Continent, Tranquil Darkness, which is one of the contested area (Described below). At last, 2 mines and a toxic area were added to the northern continent!

PatchNote - World.png

Contested Territories

Contested territories is a new feature that will allow players to obtain powerscrolls and exclusive rares.

ffa arena.png

Sanguine FFA Arena


Players will now be able to easily pratice PVP. Anyone in the arena will be freely attackable. While in the arena, dying will simply teleport you outside, which means you will be able to spare against your friends or foes without fearing of losing your gear.

Tournament Area

The tournament is now open to the public, which means we will start doing tournaments!


New Bestiary


New challenging and dynamic monsters, guardians and bosses were added to the bestiary!
Sea Wyrm, Odious, Poseidon, Tiamat, The Undying & the Drow Overlord will certainly give you trouble!

Still not p2w!

Player can now buy Evermore Coins with gold.

Monster Stews

Grandmaster cooks will now be able to cook monster stews, which will improve the stats and the damage of their fellow creatures!

brown bison leather.jpg

New Contest!

Kenneth - The Bounty Hunter has traveled to Bilgewater! He is now looking for rare crystals.. Whoever will manage to bring him enough crystals to earn 1,000 points will receive an Oceanic Shroud! (Crystals can be found in the whole Bilgewater area/Dungeon).


Coast & Raffle Houses

Coast Houses have been added all over the world, they were placed in areas where you can usually not place normal houses. 

House spots have been placed all over the Bilgewater isle (The NPC outpost). Those house will be raffled in the near future. 




Considering there are so many new sea monsters and guardians to kill.. I felt like it was a requirement to have sailors! You can hire Sailors from Kenneth, in Bilgewater. Sailors can be trained/leveled. You may equip your sailor with better weapons, bandages and potions so they can become stronger companions! Sailors are potentially very stronger on the sea, but completely useless on the land.


More collectible rares!

Contested territories & Bilgewater will have their own and exclusive Decorative and Hued items!


Shrines have been added all over the world. The second floor of Sanguines Bank will have teleporters that will lead to their locations.