Ultima Online : Evermore







Factions were replaced with the VvV system (Vices versus Virtues)

Silver is accumulated Everytime you participate in a vvv event or kill an enemy. Those points can be spent in the vvv shop to purchase artifacts , battle clothe , war mounts , vvv armor sets etc..

Learn more about VvV  (Vice versus Virtue – Ultima Online (uo.com))


Sanguine PVP Event


Every time the Sanguine PVP Event is active, people can join by entering the Area east of the city. The goal is inflict the most damage to the Spirit of the Fallen before other players. Whoever dealt the most damage to the Spirit will be rewarded. Anyone entering the zone is freely attackable and may not leave the zone while being combat flagged.


Classic Dungeons


Classic Dungeons were introduced to the game. Only 1 Classic Dungeon can be accessed each week. The entrance is located south of sanguine. Dungeons are split between danger levels. Players cannot loot each others on level 1. Level 2 are traditional levels. Level 3+ are lawless (anyone can attack you). If you are flagged in combat and have more than 1 murder count you will not be able to go from level 2 to 1.

Roses of Britannias were added to the Classic Dungeons monsters loot table. Each roses petals give a special buff for 5 minutes

About 50 decorative dungeon artifacts were added to the Classic Dungeons monsters loot table.

Shame Crystals

Monsters killed in Shame have a chance of dropping Shame Crystals, when a player has accumulated enough Crystals, he may spawn the Shame Guardian (Ultimecia). A spawned Ultimecia will never spawn at the same place, will not give the same amount of loot as a normal Champion Spawn and must be killed within 1 hour of being spawned.



New Champion Spawns


4 new champions were added to current champion rosters. Khepri, Duriel, The Abysmal Balron and The Jungle Guardian. Powerscrolls were also implemented. Skills acquired from Powerscrolls may not exceed 110.0. Powerscrolls no longer give 105, 110 etc.. Instead, they increase your skills skill cap by +1.0 .


Abysmal Guardian


Upon collecting every champion skulls, you will be able to open a portal to the guardians lair. The portal will remain open for 1 hour.


Yellow Expeditions


Yellow Expedition portal may open upon killing monsters in Lawless dungeons. Those portals may only be entered by 5 players. Those expeditions are mountless and anyone in those are freely attackable which means if another team opens a portal to the same Expedition, you might have to fight over it.


Animal Training


You may now train and upgrade your pets as they are fighting on your side! Each pets can learn new skills, abilities, AOEs, stats etc.. Depending on their kind.

Additional Features


Arcane dust was added to multiple monsters and paragon chest. Dust requirement on crafting was lowered across the board. Arcane daemons will drop a fairly large quantity of arcane dust.

Players with atleast 105 magery will now have a chance of casting enhanced summons.

Players with atleast 105 Spirit Speak will now have a chance of casting enhanced Spells & will be refunded some used mana (Only Fireball, Lightning, Explosion, Energy Bolt, Flamestrike and Meteors Swarm are affected for the time being).

Arcanic Grimoires will now be part of the monsters loot table (They can also be crafted). Those grimoires will aid mages during PVM, they have magic/slayers attributes.

Player corpses decay time was increased to 21 minutes.

Ressource monoliths and Rare ore golems were added to Classic dungeons to make the spécial ores more common. Resources monolith become active a few times a day. When destroyed, Ressource monolith spawn different type of rare material.

Rare furnitures, runebooks and weapons dyes were added to the loot table.

Talismans damage was increased.


Plants system was enabled. In order to get seeds, you will need to find and kill Maleficient Thorns or Bog Things.