Patch Notes 3


Monster Contracts

Players may now find monster contracts on creatures! Finishing a contract will reward you with special items, imbuing resources and guild prestige!


Daily Quests

Everyday, a rotation of 3 quests (Easy, Medium and Hard) is happening, you may pick between one of the 3. Completing a daily quest will reward you with you with special items, imbuing resources and guild prestige!


The Bloodthirster


The mighty bloodthirster is now accessible! Control your own giant spider! The Bloodthirster egg is dropped by Lillith, the Hollows Boss. This special creature is levelable and has 4 custom ultimate abilities on top of its 18 trainable normal abilities.

      Molten Wyrm

The new EVO has arrived! Slay Ignitus (The new Eventide boss) to have a chance of acquiring a Molten Wyrm egg! The Molten wyrm is less tankier than the other wyrms but much deadlier! Its prefered food, which allow you to activate one of its four ultimate, may be found on Eventides creatures.



A new Elite dungeon has open! Hollow can be found on the southern continent and is also accessible by the Travel Agent found in Sanguine!
Killing enough creatures in Hollow will spawn the despicace Lillith (Which has a chance of dropping a Bloodthirster egg).

Guild Prestige

This new system is accessible via the main guild menu. Guilds may now obtain guild prestige to unlock tiers (Custom rewards) or activate bonuses! Killing Bosses, Guardians, doing quests, destroying orbs etc.. all give prestige points!

brown bison leather.jpg

Mage Talisman

We felt like the Mages needed some help during PVM which is why we created a talisman to enhance the mages spells and summon! Killing monsters will let you upgrade each damaging spells and summons! Giving them enhanced effects!


Revamped Orbs

Orbs were revamped! the runes needed to destroy them now come in 6 kinds (levels). Each levels will spawn a different amount of creatures. The hardest levels will also spawn a special guardian which will possibly drop exclusive loot! Destroying tier 5 and 6 orbs will also grant guild prestige!


Artifact Recipes


Artifacts Recipes may now be found on monsters! Skilled crafters will now be able to craft artifacts as long as they learned the recipes/have the special materials!


New Sanguine!

Sanguine and its surroundings  were totally revamped ! Come visit us!


A new deadly foe arrived in Eventide (the PVP dungeon)

brown bison leather.jpg


Even if we use a refreshing custom map, we felt like adding a pinch of nostalgia, this is why you may re-visit Hythloth during our Halloween event! Monsters in the world may drop Hythloth keys which can be used to enter the Gates at Sanguine. Once you arrived in Hythloth, youll have 30 minutes to slay as many monsters as possible to acquire pumpkins and halloween rares! Handing out glowing pumpkins to the Halloween NPC before they rot will give you points! Whoever has the most point on November 1st will be rewarded!