Evermore's first Monster Hunting Carnival!



What is UO Evermore?

UO Evermore is a unique AoS era experience with no insurance ala Siege Perilous ruleset. To offset the difficulty of this experience, Artifacts have been made available to get through several different systems inluding : Mini champ spawns, Paragons, Major Champ spawns, and even Wilderness points (more on this later). This makes suiting up for whatever style of play you prefer a challenge but not too hard. It also provides for very exciting meaningful PvP. Within a few weeks players should have plenty of backup suits available, though none will likely be OP insurance suits like other AoS experiences.

UO Evermore has relaunched with a brand new custom map featuring two continents. The main continent is standard rules , while the second southern island continent disallows mounts, allowing for more dynamic PvP enabled events.

What are the details of this PvM Cash Prize weekly event mentioned above?

Many servers in the past have hosted events for Cash prizes, and they have always been a player favorite! Traditionally however, these have always been geared toward PvP players, which is a smaller niche in the overall player base of Ultima Online, albeit a very important niche. We believe that it is time for the PvE crowd to get some recognition and have created an series of events to reward them with CASH MONEY prizes (or increased Evermore Donation Coin prizes if they so choose).

In this series of events, players will compete to farm the most Bounty Hunter points in a 2 week time span. Bounty Hunter points are rewarded randomly when players kill monsters with 500 hit points or greater. At the end of the two week period Starting on Friday Night/Saturday Morning at midnight EST and ending 14 days later at Friday Night/Saturday Morning Midnight EST the top Bounty Hunter on the point leaderboard will be rewarded!

The infamous Bounty Hunter will be able to chose between 75.00 USD cash or 150 Evermore Coins (150 dollar Value)

After the first event ends, the next 2 week event begins on Saturday Night/Sunday Morning midnight and runs for 2 more weeks. Running 2 week cycles of this event allows newer players to Evermore the chance to participate without being handicapped for starting late. As of this time, at least 4 cycles of this event are planned. , It may continue longer , or even indefinitely if participation levels warrant it. Join us for a new style of UO experience , on a map that keeps players interacting with each other and competition fierce. Join us for events finally made for the other side of the UO player base, the PvE player. Note that this is a fully enabled PvP server , and player versus player combat will certainly happen both wantonly and strategically as players attempt to prevent each other from getting outscored.


Is skill gain fast or slow?

Skill gain on UOE is very manageable and players can expect to be fully functional very quickly.

Are there any custom systems?

There are several custom systems in place. Including a wilderness points system, quest systems with relevant rewards, Countless special hue rare drops , PvE Talismans both craftable and questable that offer powerful bonus' with charges to various playstyles. Custom Pets, bosses, Monsters, Champ spawns etc.

Is there stat loss?

No there is currently no stat loss. Reds are not allowed in town, making it a hassle for them to get back going after taking a loss. Obviously, if the wolves are making it unplayable for others to enjoy the gameplay, penalties will be taken to another level.

Two Continents?

Yes there is the main continent that is run by standard rules. And a southern continent that does not allow mounts. There are often better rewards to be found on the southern continent, both overland and in some of the most rewarding LAWLESS dungeons where everyone you meet will be flagged grey to each other. Risk vs Reward has always been a staple of the true Ultima Online experience.

What assist programs are available?

Classic UO is the preferred assist client with razor coming bundled in the launcher.

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