Hot Patch 4.14.21: Necromancy, Paragon Chest Buff, Crafting Buff & more!

Hello everyone! It's been a while but we're still on duty! Since we are revamping Evermore, we will slowly be adding content / tweak existing content to make it more AOS-hybrid. Tonight's patch(04.14.21) will include the following:

  • Added Necromancy & Ninjitsu to the player skills, new skills can be learned from NPCs or used when creating the ''custom skills'' character options (Gump will change soon to make it more clear). Summoners will now start with 65 Necromancy as well.

  • Paragons loot was increased & they now have a chance of dropping an artifact (Chance is increased depending on your luck).

  • Weapons and Armors dropped on monsters now have special attributes (Similar to artifacts but much weaker).

  • Crafted armor now have the Luck attribute.

  • Crafting powerscrolls & Runic tools were added to BOD rewards.

  • You may now use [poppouch to use a trapped pouch in your inventory.

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