What is UO Evermore?

Updated: May 4

First of all.. What Is Evermore?

Evermore is a blast of UO Nostalgia. After decades of playing this amazing game, I decided to create my own UO world. Evermore is a very customized free UO server.

Evermore happens during a slightly customized AOS era (Without the insurances, of course). Which means you will be able to experiences the very exciting and fast paced features that Age of Shadows has to offer!

What changed?

New player experience improved! Quickly dive into the real content, instead of AFK macroing, enjoy the quick skill gain inside dungeons & the new skill tome system, you will now earn skill tomes depending on the skill route you are taking.

We created a brand new map which include 2 medium sized continents. Both continents have different rulesets, the northern one is more regular while the soutern continent offers more lawless areas and is also mountless.

We switched from the tasteless factions system to a much more exciting VvV PVP system.

You will now accumulate reputation points depending on the area you will be killing monsters in. You will be able to spend those points from buying goods from specific merchants or to summon epic creatures from this particular region.

A large amount of Guardians, Mini bosses and Bosses with unique abilities were added.

The bestiary is so big and diverse that you will always fight or tame something interesting!

Want some peaceful farming solo or with a group of friends? Join PVM Expeditions for some challenging and exciting PVM experiences.

I am also aware that most UO players are big hoarders.. This is why there are around 200 rare items to collect and craft!

I hope you will join us on Friday.

If you have any questions, feel free to join the Discord channel or to DM me :)

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