Striking a Balance

As the new world is being developed we are hearing more and more how many items are going unused. This is never fun because you hunt and put in a lot of hard work to get those items, right? Balancing all of this is a monumental undertaking and when you think about it games like Diablo, World of Warcraft, War Frame, Call of Duty all have this in mind. In fact it is likely they have teams devoted specifically for this balancing act. We are looking at tens of systems to see how we can strike that best balance for you guys to not only PvP but also PvM with. We want no one person to be that "Mondain" kind of sorcerer but we also don't want some Thor to come through with his hammer and be able to decimate everything/one in their way. In the coming weeks along with the development of the map, we will be reviewing loot, monsters, as well as the rares we have on hand at the time being. Perhaps for the low-level rares we could create a sort of trash bin for you all that you would be rewarded at? Potential of cosmetics for your character or home? We will remain committed to bringing you the most enjoyable experience with us so stay tuned.

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