Ultima Online : Evermore


PVP Features



PK hunters may now join the Paladin guild under certain restriction. A Paladin who commits a murder count will be removed from the guild. If a Murderer dies to a Paladin, he will be cursed with a Stat/Skill loss for 45 minutes. To join the Paladin guild, stand next to the guildmaster and say "npc name join".


Champion Flags

This type of CTF is constantly available to faction players. Faction players can steal one of the Capitals Flag as it spawns. Once stolen (You can steal the flag by using the Stealing skill on it), you will be freely attackable to every players (Consider yourself hunted!) and must return it to the Champions Monolith. When captured, the new Champion will obtain a buff for a certain duration (Could be Weapon Damage increase, Spell Damage increase, Stats regeneration etc..)



Evermore is using the infamous "I wish to duel" system which let you start duel anytime and all around the world. There is currently 3 arenas in the world, all accessible from Capital Cities. 


PVP Items

Most PVP items were balanced. We felt like the Wands/Explosion potion combo became out of hand on certain server. 

Wands now require 15% more mana than the spell but you are still able to use a wand while running. 

Explosion potions cooldown usage was increased. 

Bolas no longer dismount, they slow down your opponents for a few seconds. 

New potions were also introduced, the Conflagration potions, the Imprisoned vortex and the Sticky tar potions. Those new potions can be used to damage or outplay your opponents.