Summer Patch Notes

PVP/PVM Monthly contests - Each month, killing any types of monsters or VvV players will grant your points, at the end of the month, whoever has the most points will earn special rewards!


PVM Talisman

Blacksmiths may now craft talismans! Gathering the necessary materials will allow you to invoke special abilities while fighting! (Special effects only trigger on monsters). Those talisman will really give the firepower needed to warriors and pure mages during PVM action!


Newbie Wisp


Upon creating a new character, you will be teamed up with a wisp! It will follow you around, give you information about the new world you entered, sell you items etc..!

Vengeful Spirits

If you are unlucky, monsters may come back to life as vengeful spirits! They will be stronger than their previous version and will drop special items!


Void Bosses


Killing monsters in certain areas will grant you points, those points can be spent on specific vendor but you can also summon your own Void Guardians by saying [Points ! . Those bosses will give special rares such as artifact clothing and stat scrolls!


Tailor kits

Buy or craft tailor kits and dye your items with any discovered hues!


Community donations

Donate to the gods to unlock new hues! Every tier, the next brazier will light up and the hue will drop as special loot on monsters!

brown bison leather.jpg

Dungeon Boss

Killing monsters in certain dungeons will fill up a gauge. Once the gauge is full, the boss will spawn within the next hour! 


Blood Evo Spider

New evo pet! The mighty bloodthirster has  2 pages of trainable abilities and 4 ultimates. Ultimates can be learned by feeding the spider special food that can be found on monsters in the Hollow dungeon! 

The spider egg can be found on Sombra, the boss in Hollow.


Companion Drakeling


New characters will animal taming will start with a drakeling egg! Those drakeling will grow as you combat on their side and you will also gain animal taming skills while it kills monsters! AFK training animal taming is no longer needed!


Necromancers Talisman

Players starting with necromancy will have their own talisman, killing monsters will collect souls and allow you to summon epic creatures!